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Re: [Xen-users] DomU suspension/hibernation

Ian M,

On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 9:59 AM, Ian Murray <murrayie@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've just done the same and it also works for me.

Stock 4.2.2 xendomains still has an issue with sxp format it would seem.... Similar behaviour to what happens with JSON. Presumably another (seperate) issue with regex. I know I had problems with the regex and wrote a patch but that problem went away. I now realise this was probably due to default going to JSON, Will have to dig out my 2011 patch and re-visit it.

(SXP run)
root@xen6:~/xensource/xen# service xendomains stop
Shutting down Xen domains: ubuntu-email(save)...................
An error occurred while saving domain:
31 is an invalid domain identifier (rc=-6)

An error occurred while shutting down domain:
31 is an invalid domain identifier (rc=-6)

 *   [done]


Try changing the LIST_GREP line to read: LIST_GREP='^(domain$\|(domid\|(name\|^{$\|"name":\|"domid":'

 "xl list -l", using sxp output, starts each new domain with "(domain", not "((domain". This meant that the old domid wasn't being cleared from the id variable whenever the parser moved onto a new domain.



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