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Re: [Xen-users] DomU suspension/hibernation

On Wed, 2013-06-19 at 03:04 -0500, David Sutton wrote:

> Thanks for the information. I decided to have another look over
> xendomains on xen-4.2.2 this evening, as I decided I wanted it to
> work. There were a few interesting things broken in there - for
> example, I can't see how the zombie testing code would work as neither
> formats of "xl list -l" give the state (and I couldn't see how it
> would be trying to get that, even if it were)
> I managed to patch it so it was working for me. I rewrote most of the
> functions which had been using "xl list -l" to use
> "xenstore-list /local/domain" instead

Thanks for doing this but I'm concerned that a change of this magnitude
is too much for post rc5 of a release, assuming you were intending to
propose this for 4.3 with a view to getting it backported to 4.2. We
don't generally take stuff directly into 4.2.

If someone could find a targeted fix to the JSON parsing then that has a
much higher chance of acceptance, I think.

If we are going to rewrite this code for 4.4 (which is something I think
I would support!) then I think it might be better to do it as "xl
autosave" and "xl autorestore" rather than continuing to try and parse
either JSON or SXP from a shell script (which is just a losing
proposition really).


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