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Re: [Xen-users] DomU suspension/hibernation

On 18/06/13 19:44, Joshua Tuttle wrote:

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On 18/06/13 16:42, Joshua Tuttle wrote:
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On Tue, 2013-06-18 at 15:16 +0000, Joshua Tuttle wrote:

I thought there was supposed to be an ability for domUâs to be put
into a hibernated state (E.g. current running tasks and memory) when
dom0 is shutdown or rebooted. When

I look in my /etc/default/xendomains file, I have the variableâs
âXENDOMAINS_SAVE=/var/lib/xen/saveâ and âXENDOMAINS_RESTORE=trueâ.
However, when I reboot, I always have

to restart my domains manually and their state was not saved.
My current configuration is as follows: Xen 4.2.1, dom0: Debian 7.0,
domU:Debian 7.0, dom0 kernel 3.2.0-4
Are you using the Debian packages or Xen compiled from source?

Which toolstack are you using?

If you installed from source, did you enable the xendomains script
when you did so? (by invoking update-rc.d or something equivalent)

Does manually running xendomains ("service xendomains stop" then "service xendomains 
start") produce any output?


I am using Xen compiled from source. 4.2.1 and the XL toolstack.
I ran update rc.d on xecommons, xend, xendomains, xen-watchdog.
Xend can probably be disabled, I'm not sure if having it running would be 
causing a problem.
Manually stopping xendomains produces a line that confirms xendomains is 
Starting xendomains produces no output, but I check the service with "xl list"

Have a read of http://osdir.com/ml/general/2013-05/msg46973.html and see if 
this is the same issue (sorry for not linking directly to Xen, Google seems to 
link to the wrong message when I follow its links).

If it is the same issue, then a patch has been submitted and accepted which I 
believe is destined for 4.3. Also, there was an issue around the regex stuff 
which got cleared up by a previous patch that I traced back to yaji (maybe!). I 
don't know when the other fix came in, so you may need to go to 4.22 to apply 
the linked patch.

Thanks for replying.

I applied a patch " hotplug/Linux: xendomains compatibility with xl" , but 
still have had no luck. The only thing it fixed, is if I place a symlink to my config 
file in /etc/xen/auto, it will automatically start the domU instance. However, its still 
not putting a previous instance into a hibernated state.

I think that is the same patch I linked... which is odd because it isn't supposed to fix an auto issue. I don't recall in issue for that myself. Did you patch against 4.2.2 or 4.2.1? If it is the yaji/regex issue then I think that would have caused issue against stopping rather than restarting, as it has issue with xl list -l, AFAIR.

I presume the save file gets created, but just incase, please try:-

(Assuming you have a domU running)
root@xen6:/var/lib/xen/save# service xendomains stop
Shutting down Xen domains: vpn2(save)....
 *   [done]
root@xen6:/var/lib/xen/save# ls /var/lib/xen/save
root@xen6:/var/lib/xen/save# service xendomains start
Restoring Xen domains: vpn2
 *   [done]
root@xen6://var/lib/xen/save# ls /var/lib/xen/save

for me, it is gone on the second ls.

If it is still there, what happens if you manually reload it with:-

xl restore /var/lib/xen/save/vpn2 (in my case)

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