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Re: [Xen-devel] xen-netback notify DomU to send ARP.

ä 2013å01æ14æ 20:16, Ian Campbell åé:
On Sun, 2013-01-13 at 01:51 +0000, Jason Luan wrote:
Hi Ian,
   The patch only notify around peer how to reach it when network
circumstance changed.
I don't know what's  wrong about the patch (the new feature isn't
proper or the patch have other problem)?
I think the main remaining concern is Jan's regarding what effect this
patch will have upon the various existing netfront's out in the wild.

Have you considered the behaviour of various distro kernels, and the
pvops and classic-Xen trees?

Because the patch fix intern bug of oracle bug queue, I have test some netfontends( v2.6.32, v2.6.39 and the latest kernel of Ubuntu 1104 ) on variable netbackend ( v2.6.18, v2.6.32 and v2.6.39) for more time, no
other issue be found.

But i don't test classic-xen trees, i will test for whole day at tomorrow.

I don't mind if older kernels fail to ARP on this new transition (they
are no worse off than now) but if they crash or something that might be
an issue.

Yes, you are right. But if no other issue be introduced, sending gratuitous ARP initiative will be better. So, Our trouble is which issue will be introduced by the patch at now? I don't found until now. If you have already thought of some bug, would you like to tell me. I will try to fix it.

Why do any body ask the issue?

Sorry, It is typo (ask should be ack).
What do you mean?


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