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[Xen-devel] xen-netback notify DomU to send ARP.

  When Xen Dom0's network circumstance changed, DomU
should be notified in some special condition. For
example the below circumstance:
  ping from Guest A to DomU:
  Guest A --> eth0 - bond0 - xenbr0 --VIF(DOMU)
              eth1 /
  when eth0 inactive, and eth1 active.
  Guest A --> eth0   bond0 - xenbr0 --VIF(DOMU)
              eth1 /
  Guest A will don't reach to DomU. After Guest A
  send ARP request and DomU respond, Guest A will
  reach DomU. But some more second will be elapsed.
              eth0   bond0 - xenbr0 --VIF(DOMU)
  Guest A --> eth1/

If Xen netback watch the network change, will notify
DomU by change it own status. So netfront will watch
netback's change, and DomU send ARP initiative.


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