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Re: [Xen-devel] xen-netback notify DomU to send ARP.

ä 2013å01æ09æ 21:44, Jan Beulich åé:
On 09.01.13 at 13:28, jianhai luan <jianhai.luan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
+       switch (event) {
+               /* Notify frontend to Send gratuitous ARP */
+               xenbus_switch_state(be->dev, XenbusStateInitialised);
+               xenbus_switch_state(be->dev, );
This is the sort of change that clearly isn't acceptable, as I don't
think you have ways to check _all_ existing frontends for their
compatibility with this. A connected -> connected transition
might be acceptable (that was done in the block frontend too, for
implementing dynamic resize), but will likely need to be
accompanied by a frontend side patch to handle that (which so
far should be a no-op).
The latest xen net-frontent driver have handled the condition. State
XenbusStateInitialised will do nothing,
but change to XenbusStateConnected will trigger
netdev_notify_peers(netdev) to send ARP.
Did you read my earlier reply carefully? You still only talk about
(upstream) Linux netfront, but this is not the only (possible)
frontend. You should not invoke state transitions that can -
even if only theoretically - blow up frontends. And afaict the
I only want to notify xen-netfront. I don't know what is better way?
To attainthegoal, i try to modify virtual interrupt, but the way is
morecomplicated,modified and working. So, i give up the way.
Would you like to give some suggestion about how to notify xen-netfront?
only thing you can safely assume frontends ought to tolerate
are transitions from Connected to Connected (or more
generally from one state to the same one, but the other
states aren't useful here, except maybe the Reconfigur* ones).
Sorry for that. At the beginning the patch be applied in kernel 2.6.18 to
fixed one issue. Only XenbusStateInitialised and XenbusStateClosed ( Not
Reconfigure* one) don't any thing, so i choose the XenbusStateInitialised.
Do you suggestion that i choose Reconfigure*?


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