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Re: [Xen-devel] (v2) Design proposal for RMRR fix

On 01/14/2015 10:24 AM, Jan Beulich wrote:
>> for other usages like hotplug/migration:
>>      reserved_regions = [ 'host, 0/1', 'start, end, 0/1', 'start, end, 0/1', 
>> ...]
>> If 'host' is specified, it implies rmrr_host, besides user can specific 
>> explicit ranges according to his detail requirement.
> For host the flag makes sense, but for the explicitly specified regions
> - as said before - I don't think it does.

I thought we wanted to be able to specify regions that weren't on this
host, but were on another host, so that an admin could migrate to
another host and add devices there which might have RMRRs?

In any case, at some point there will be a place in libxl which simply
accepts a list of RMRRs; there's no real reason not to expose that.  It
may come in handy at some point in the future.


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