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Re: [Xen-users] Grant iomem access and map IRQs to a domU guest in Xen for ARM targets

[Adding Arianna]

On mar, 2014-06-10 at 01:37 +0000, Kapania, Ashish wrote:
> > From: Ian Campbell [mailto:Ian.Campbell@xxxxxxxxxx]
> > 
> > I'm not sure how people have been triggering these extra mappings. I
> > suppose you could either do it statically for each domid==N e.g. in
> > arch_domain_create (but then you can't easily restart the guests) or
> > you could add a custom domctl and add a call in the toolstack, or a new
> > DOMCRF_ flag (which gets passed to arch_domain_create).
> > 
> Thanks Ian, this helps. I think I am going to go ahead with your
> Suggestion to create a custom domctl op for now and add a call to it in
> the xen toolstack. This should allow me to specify the desired mappings
> in the domU.cfg file.
What Xen version are we talking about? If that is not a constraint, and
you can use a fairly recent one --even better work with the git master
branch directly-- I think I'd dare suggesting to give Arianna's (and
Julien's) series a look, trying to apply the latest versions of them,
and see whether they work for you.

At least for Arianna's one (so "iomem="), there should be no need to
wait for it to be upstreamed (although, that looks pretty imminent). I
mean, if you just take the series and apply it, it's already working!
Things can change in the implementation, but I think I personally would
prefer this approach as, as soon as the patches will be merged, you'll
be all set, your RTOS will work with Xen upstream, without the need to
change anything, nor in the code neither in the config file. I don't
know whether or not this is important for your use case, though.

AFAIUI, Arianna's series also allows you to specify the mapping in the
config file, via "iomem=", as you seem to need.

What RTOS, if I can ask?

Arianna, what's the best version of your series you suggest to apply, in
order to have something working, and close enough to the final version
that will land upstream (at least from the interface point of view)?


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