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Re: [Xen-users] HVM system freeze on AMD system

On Aug 17, 2013, at 6:10 PM, Darren Shepherd <darren.s.shepherd@xxxxxxxxx> 

> Compiling and running Xen trunk worked.  Typically I could get HVM to hang in 
> less than 1 minute, but compiling and running trunk it ran for about a hour 
> or so no problem.  I then downloaded 4.3 and compiled that and it failed 
> immediately again.  So something since 4.3 has fixed this issue.


I've determined that it is the debug flag that has actually made the build 
work.  Can you try on your system compiling Xen with "make debug=n".  For me 
that fails.  If you are on master then default is debug=y so builds from master 
work. Releases like 4.3 and 4.2 have debug=n as the default.  


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