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[Xen-devel] Welcome to Xen Project Document Day for February: The Great 4.5 Clean-Up (Part II)

Today, Wednesday, is Xen Project Document Day for February!

The documentation around the recent 4.5 release is improving, but
there is still need for more clean-up.  We still have a number of
pages which talk in terms of xend rather than libxenlight.  For
example, check the TODO list (see below) for a list of pages which we
know still feature the "xm" command instead of "xl".

Have you seen a page which needs updating? If you can't update it,
please add it to the list under "THE GREAT 4.5 CLEAN-UP" on the TODO
list. If we can identify and update these pages, we'll help new users
tremendously.  There are few things as bad as trying a command which
does not exist and is not available.  Let's not frustrate our newbies.

All the information you need to participate in Document Day is here:


Also take a look at the current TODO list to see other items which
need attention:


Please think about how you can help out.  If you haven't requested
to be made a Wiki editor, just fill out the form below:


We hope to see you today in #xendocs!

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