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Re: [Xen-devel] Domain 0 crashed when booting OMAP5 uEVM

On 14 August 2013 10:46, Chen Baozi <baozich@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Aug 13, 2013, at 5:58 PM, Julien Grall <julien.grall@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On 13 August 2013 10:36, Andrii Anisov <andrii.anisov@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> disable printings from LK decompressor (it writes directly to omap debug
>>> UART3, and if you give it to xen and don't map to Dom0 - will have data
>>> abort)
>> With Chen's patch series and the latest Xen, you don't need to disable
>> LK decompressor.
>> Xen has a basic emulation for "stolen" UART.
> BTW, does it mean that we don't need to set the UART status "disabled" in DTS?

Unfortunately, no. The UART emulation is too simple to handle the real driver.
I'm currently preparing a patch series which will remove this hack in the DTS.

Julien Grall

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