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Re: [Xen-devel] [Xen-API] [Proposal] Additional mailing lists for specific purposes


seems nobody has any views. How about I make a more concrete proposal. I also noticed that we have no real global list for voting and proposals (and to discuss issues like this). I have to include all lists, which creates spam. As already indicated on the blog, at some point we should move to @lists.xenproject.org, which will cause some impact on mailfilters, etc. (similar to when we moved from @lists.xensource.com to @lists.xen.org about a year ago). So that may be a good opportunity to deal with some inconsistencies that have grown over time.

It also raises questions about naming conventions for new lists. Should lists be
- xen-...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, or should they be
- xenproject-...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
And then of course, should any convention be forward looking or should we rename lists to be consistent and (as we are already changing @lists.xenproject.org, changing the actual list name may not be any worse).

On new lists, we will need lists for
Also, for example XAPI does not have a separate dev or user list. That is also one to consider at some point.

Anyway, I am just putting these into the room for discussion.


On 19/04/2013 04:52, Chip Childers wrote:
On Sun, Apr 14, 2013 at 06:52:09PM +0100, Lars Kurth wrote:
1) A list for coordinating blog posts, other communication,
attending of event, etc. - not sure about the name, so am looking
for suggestions. I am not sure whether we should have public
archives: comparable lists of other projects don't.
>From an outsider / lurker perspective, xen-marketing@xxxxxxxxxxxxx is a
good fit.

2) A semi-private invite mailing list for ALL project leads,
committers and maintainers of ALL projects hosted on xen.org
Similarly to above: xen-private@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Both of these list names are used in other projects I'm working with /

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