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[Xen-devel] [Proposal] Additional mailing lists for specific purposes


in the last couple of weeks I realized that we don't have a proper communication channels for various purposes. So I want to suggest the following and get feedback, or if it's obvious do just vote.

1) A list for coordinating blog posts, other communication, attending of event, etc. - not sure about the name, so am looking for suggestions. I am not sure whether we should have public archives: comparable lists of other projects don't.
Concretely, I think the type of stuff that would be discussed would be non-developer related
a) Who wants to post which blog post when - there have been a lot of 1-2-1 discussions on this lately, in particular because the blog is getting a more diverse group of owners.
b) Review each others posts,
somebody needs help submitting a talk to an event, review each others submissions to events, ...
c) Who is going to which event, is staying where when going to XYZ, ...

Debian has a debian-publicity@lists.debian.org list (but that does not quite fit). Maybe this is a general marketing list?

2) A semi-private invite mailing list for ALL project leads, committers and maintainers of ALL projects hosted on xen.org

I wouldn't expect this list to be used often, as most communication happens (and needs to happen) in public. But sometimes it is necessary to have an official provite channel. Recent examples I had were related to the Hackathon: I didn't know whether person X should be invited (given limited space) and had no way to ask. Or there were other items that are sometimes better first discussed amongst the leadership of all the different projects together and we have no way today of discussing these.

We may need a couple more, but let's just start with these two for now.


Best Regards

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