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Re: [Xen-devel] Testing xen-arm on Arndale

> Julien,
> do you know whether they need to use the Arndale Linux tree you posted
> on the wiki or if a vanilla Linux kernel should be used as DomU kernel?
> That's something worth writing down in the wiki page to avoid
> confusion.

Oops, my bad. vanilla Linux kernel 3.8.4 still has the same problem.
I did not configure the processor type to Exynos (it was VE) when
compiling the kernel.
Linux kernel 3.8.4 still has the same problem and I'm digging into it.

If we see the log below, in this time, translation fault happen at level 2.
I'm just guessing that page table at hypervisor is not properly set.

(XEN) Guest data abort: Translation fault at level 2
(XEN)     gva=10000000
(XEN)     gpa=0000000010000000
(XEN)     size=2 sign=0 write=0 reg=6
(XEN)     eat=0 cm=0 s1ptw=0 dfsc=6
(XEN) dom3 IPA 0x0000000010000000
(XEN) P2M @ 02ff6400 mfn:0xbfb20
(XEN) 1ST[0x0] = 0x00000000bfb236ff
(XEN) 2ND[0x80] = 0x0000000000000000
(XEN) ----[ Xen-4.3-unstable  arm32  debug=y  Tainted:    C ]----
(XEN) CPU:    0
(XEN) PC:     803c2f6c

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