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Re: [Xen-devel] Resume not working on 2nd gen Core i5

> >>>>> Does anybody have a similar problem on 2nd Gen Core i5? Any advises how
> >>>>> to approach debugging it?
> >>>>>
.. snip..
> (the same hardware)
> On xenlinux kernel after resume there is screen content from before
> suspend, power led light constantly (as it should), but system is
> irresponsible (no capslock led, no reaction to sysrq, network etc).
> On 3.x with your patches system goes into S3, but on resume is even worse - no
> screen content at all (and no backlight) and also irresponsible, power led
> still blinking. As 3.x tried:
>  - your devel/acpi-s3.v7 branch directly
>  - 3.2.7 merged with devel/acpi-s3.v7
>  - 3.3-rc4 with devel/acpi-s3.v7

OK. That is weird - it worked for me last time. One thing at at time then -
try doing this from text-mode, so no graphic mode involved. For that you might
need to disable your i915 driver altogether. Then just run 'pm-suspend' and
see where it stops.

The next part is... Wait a minute, this reminds me of something I encountered
with a SandyBrige i2100 - the suspend would work, but resume would get stuck.

The issue was with the hypervisor and if I had the acpi-cpufreq drivers loaded
it resumed just fine. If I didn't - so hypervisor had no idea about C states or
P states, it would be stuck in the default_idle and never come back.

So you might want for fun try also using the stable/processor-passthru.v5 and

But the other issue could be with your ExpressCard. I don't know if you are 
the serial console output on it, but there might be a bug in the hypervisor 
it ends up looping forver if you are using a serial console). So try _not_ using
it and seeing what happens.

>  - your devel/acpi-s3.v8 branch directly
> The same result on all above.
> How can I debug this issue?

Try those things. Then start ramping up the debug options to get an idea of what
is not working. Also, flash your BIOS just in case.
> -- 
> Best Regards / Pozdrawiam,
> Marek Marczykowski
> Invisible Things Lab

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