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[Xen-devel] Resume not working on 2nd gen Core i5


I've been trying to resolve the issue of my T420s (Core i5 2540M, Intel
integrated GPU) freezing at resume from S3 sleep... It seems like a
Xen-related problems, as a similar kernel to what we use in Dom0
(2.6.38+xenlinux), when run on baremetal shows no signs of problems at
suspend/resume. Also I cannot find any problems reported on the internet
with people having problems here.

Unfortunately the only COM port on ExpressCard I have, presents itself
as a USB device, and so I cannot really debug this issue via console.
The /var/log/pm-suspend also doesn't reveal anything useful (after I
reboot, that is).

Does anybody have a similar problem on 2nd Gen Core i5? Any advises how
to approach debugging it?

I'm running Xen 4.1.1 with some minor patches, and 2.6.38 with xenlinux
patches, and the i915 for the graphics. (Unfortunately I cannot just
boot the same Dom0 kernel without Xen, as the GRUB complains about
executable being unrecognized -- probably some problem with wrong
compression algo).

I also tried 3.2.5 pvops kernel for Dom0 (essentially a vanilla kernel)
-- in this case it's even worse, as the system hangs at suspend and
never enters S3 :/


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