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Re: [Xen-users] USB devices in dom0 failing to accept address


In article <1372320313.28443.3.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
           Ian Campbell<Ian.Campbell@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> OK, then I'm a bit confused about under which circumstances you are
> seeing the various issues.
> Are you saying that a native boot of Linux (without Xen) with no
> commandline acpi=noirq parameters works, or that it locks up?
> If you boot natively (no Xen) with acpi=noirq does USB work?

Sorry, I probably should have been a bit more clear. Here's the sequence of
events when I got the machine:

1. Boot from Debian installer via USB, install Debian. USB keyboard etc. all

2. Finish installing Debian, reboot. Locks up during boot.

3. Add 'acpi=noirq' to kernel command line, boots fine. I *believe* the USB
keyboard was still working at this point, although I may have done the
remainder of the configuration via SSH. However, I tend to tell Debian to
install no packages, then add SSH from the command line after the install
has finished.

4. Install Xen and XCP. Reboot into Xen. Keyboard no longer works, USB
errors displayed on console and in dmesg.

Hope that's a bit more clear. 

I'll try to check the BIOS version and upgrade it if necessary, but the
machine is now in the loft!  As far as hardware goes, there's nothing
connected to the motherboard apart from CPU, RAM and two SATA disks.

It's one of these if it's relevant:



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