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Re: [PATCH V6 00/24] IOREQ feature (+ virtio-mmio) on Arm

On 29.01.2021 02:48, Oleksandr Tyshchenko wrote:
> Julien Grall (3):
>   xen/ioreq: Make x86's IOREQ related dm-op handling common
>   xen/mm: Make x86's XENMEM_resource_ioreq_server handling common
>   arm/ioreq: Introduce arch specific bits for IOREQ/DM features
> Oleksandr Tyshchenko (21):
>   x86/ioreq: Prepare IOREQ feature for making it common
>   x86/ioreq: Add IOREQ_STATUS_* #define-s and update code for moving
>   x86/ioreq: Provide out-of-line wrapper for the handle_mmio()
>   xen/ioreq: Make x86's IOREQ feature common
>   xen/ioreq: Make x86's hvm_ioreq_needs_completion() common
>   xen/ioreq: Make x86's hvm_mmio_first(last)_byte() common
>   xen/ioreq: Make x86's hvm_ioreq_(page/vcpu/server) structs common
>   xen/ioreq: Move x86's ioreq_server to struct domain
>   xen/ioreq: Move x86's io_completion/io_req fields to struct vcpu
>   xen/ioreq: Remove "hvm" prefixes from involved function names
>   xen/ioreq: Use guest_cmpxchg64() instead of cmpxchg()
>   xen/arm: Call vcpu_ioreq_handle_completion() in check_for_vcpu_work()
>   xen/mm: Handle properly reference in set_foreign_p2m_entry() on Arm
>   xen/ioreq: Introduce domain_has_ioreq_server()
>   xen/dm: Introduce xendevicemodel_set_irq_level DM op

Going through the series I noticed that at least this one is still
lacking acks. I may have overlooked others. Do you have a clear
picture of which acks you still need to hunt for?




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