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Re: [Xen-devel] backport docs changes for Xen 4.9.1

On Thu, Aug 03, Jan Beulich wrote:

> >>> On 01.08.17 at 11:43, <olaf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Please backport the following changes for docs/ for the Xen 4.9.1
> > release:
> > 
> > aa4eb460bc docs: add pod variant of xl-numa-placement
> > 458df9f374 docs: add pod variant of xl-network-configuration.5
> > 4359b86f31 docs: add pod variant of xen-pv-channel.7
> I'm not convinced these qualify for backporting. What's the
> justification?

Less paperwork for me, avoids maintaining three patches. And it fixes the
references within man pages for those who have no pandoc while building
Xen. Not sure if that is just SUSE.


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