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Re: [Xen-devel] RFC: [PATCH 1/3] Enhance platform support for PCI

On 20/02/15 8:09 pm, Ian Campbell wrote:
On Fri, 2015-02-20 at 19:44 +0530, Manish Jaggi wrote:
Another option might be a new hypercall (assuming one doesn't already
exist) to register a PCI bus which would take e.g. the PCI CFG base
address and return a new u16 segment id to be used for all subsequent
PCI related calls. This would require the dom0 OS to hook its
pci_bus_add function, which might be doable (more doable than handling
xen_segment_id DT properties I think).
This seems ok, i will try it out.
I recommend you let this subthread (e.g. the conversation with Jan)
settle upon a preferred course of action before implementing any one
Ian we have also to consider for NUMA / multi node where there are two or more its nodes.

msi-parent = <&its0>;


msi-parent = <&its1>;

This requires parsing pci nodes in xen and create a mapping between pci nodes and its. Xe would need to be aware of PCI nodes in device tree prior to dom0 sending a hypercall. Adding a property to pci node in device tree should be a good approach.

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