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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2] rump kernels: use new platform macro

Wei Liu writes ("[PATCH v2] rump kernels: use new platform macro"):
> Starting from rump kernel changeset 91d5623 ("Renaming platform macros,
> app-tools and autoconf target string"), __RUMPUSER_XEN__ and __RUMPAPP__
> are deleted. We are supposed to use __RUMPRUN__ instead.
> We still keep __RUMPUSER_XEN__ for now in order to make xen-unstable
> pass osstest push gate. I will remove __RUMPUSER_XEN__ later.

Actually, I think there is a problem here.  Are we supposed to
backport this patch to previous (stable, released) versions of Xen ?
Obviously we can do that but I don't think we should be breaking the
rumpkernel build for old versions of Xen, at least until there has
been quite a while for the stable backports to make it into Xen.

If we apply Wei's patch to xen.git#staging, and it ends up in
xen.git#master, the osstest rumpuser-xen push gate will pass and push
the rumpkernel changes to the osstest push gate output.  That version
will then be used for tests of Xen 4.5, causing the Xen 4.5 push gate
to fail.

I think this shows that:
  - Wei's patch should not be applied to xen.git#staging yet
  - The rump kernel tree ought to continue to -D the old names for now
  - After that, Wei's patch should go into xen.git#staging and be
    a backport candidate
  - The rump kernel tree may remove the old -D's only (at least)
    after Wei's patch has made it to xen.git#stable-4.*; but preferably
    only after stable Xen releases have been made containing Wei's

I'm sorry that I didn't spot in the rumpkernel-users messages about
this that it was intended to remove the old -D options.


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