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Re: [Xen-devel] arch arm qemu compile erro

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Subject: Re: Re[2]: [Xen-devel] arch arm qemu compile erro

Please don't top post.

On Wed, 2014-12-10 at 07:09 +0000, Mao Mingya wrote:
From the the arch arm, since the stubdom is not supported now. Does the device to be shared between doms have to be pv front/backend structure.


There is no equivalent to the x86 "hvm" type guest, i.e. one which looks
to the guest like a real system, in the ARM version of Xen. On x86
stub-qemu is primarily about providing these emulated system devices in
a sandboxed environment. There are no emulated devices on ARM hence no
need for qemu for this purpose, hence no stubdomains.

qemu has a "second hat" when in a Xen system, which is that it can
provide certain PV backends, we do use it for this purpose on ARM.

To run the Linux on Dom0 and DomU. Could the qemu and pv backend run in
 the Dom0 at the same time?


      For example: for network, block device, serial console, the pv
 backend provides the device drive for DomU linux
      while qemu provides all other devices driver for DomU linux.

Yes, qemu can be used to provide PV backends for: disk (using qdisk),
framebuffer, kbd and mouse.
Thank you for the detail explanation.
What is the best pv backend on arch arm? qemu-upstream, qemu-xen-traditional, or anything else?
Is there any guild doc to get it work on arch arm?


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