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Re: [Xen-devel] arch arm qemu compile erro

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On Wed, 2014-12-10 at 07:09 +0000, Mao Mingya wrote:
> From the the arch arm, since the stubdom is not supported now. Does the 
> device to be shared between doms have to be pv front/backend structure.


There is no equivalent to the x86 "hvm" type guest, i.e. one which looks
to the guest like a real system, in the ARM version of Xen. On x86
stub-qemu is primarily about providing these emulated system devices in
a sandboxed environment. There are no emulated devices on ARM hence no
need for qemu for this purpose, hence no stubdomains.

qemu has a "second hat" when in a Xen system, which is that it can
provide certain PV backends, we do use it for this purpose on ARM.

> To run the Linux on Dom0 and DomU. Could the qemu and pv backend run in 
> the Dom0 at the same time?


>      For example: for network, block device, serial console, the pv 
> backend provides the device drive for DomU linux
>      while qemu provides all other devices driver for DomU linux.

Yes, qemu can be used to provide PV backends for: disk (using qdisk),
framebuffer, kbd and mouse.


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