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Re: [Xen-devel] arch arm qemu compile erro

On Thu, 2014-12-11 at 01:52 +0000, Mao Mingya wrote:
> >Yes, qemu can be used to provide PV backends for: disk (using qdisk),
> >framebuffer, kbd and mouse.
> Thank you for the detail explanation.
> What is the best pv backend on arch arm? qemu-upstream, 
> qemu-xen-traditional, or anything else?

There is no one pv backend, it is a per device type thing.

For disk, blkback (in backend kernel driver) is best if your guest disks
are backed by raw disks (e.g. lvm volumes in the backend), qdisk (from
qemu-upstream) is best if your guest disks are backed by something more
complex, like a qcow2 file.

For network netback (in kernel backend driver) is best.

For PVFB, PVKBD and PVMOUSE qemu-upstream is the best (only?) backend.

There is no qemu-xen-trad on ARM, I don't expect anyone to port it and I
wouldn't expect those patches to be accepted anyway.

> Is there any guild doc to get it work on arch arm?

I'm not sure what "it" refers to here. PV backends generally are part of
all the docs on the wiki explaining how to get Xen to work, there is not
generally a separate guide for them since they are part of the core

qemu-upstream is built along with Xen on ARM for a while (not 4.4,
4.5-rcN should be fine), the in kernel backends have been available for
longer than Xen on ARM has been.


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