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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.5 development update (October update). RC1 on 24th

On 17 October 2014 18:14,  <konrad.wilk@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We are down to one ARM feature (cache flush).
> On the x86 and generic side the outstanding "features" are mostly
> in the Makefiles. The XBI change by Daniel (requirement for
> doing GRUB2-EFI -> Xen.gz (using multiboot2)) is moved to Xen 4.6, but
> some of his patches can go in Xen 4.5. There is also the VPMU patches
> by Boris and build and Makefile changes by Andrew (the ones by Olaf
> are all in?).
> If you think you will need a feature freeze exception, read below.
> If I haven't responded to your request for feature freeze exception, please
> ping me!
> I am not yet tracking bugs, but will after RC1.
> In terms of Linux I am keeping the 'fair' ones as by the Xen 4.6 release
> it could be v3.19, which means there is still an upcoming merge window
> for those.
> The "prognosis" is now the likelihood of completion in the 4.5 timeframe.
> We are mostly done (with a quite a share moved to Xen 4.6).
> none - nothing yet
> fair - still working on it, patches are prototypes or RFC
> ok   - patches posted, acting on review
> good - some last minute pieces
> done - all done, might have bugs
> For items involving code hosted on the Xen.org site (including qemu-xen),
> that means a likelihood of having the feature code-complete and mostly
> working by the feature freeze.  (It's OK if there are still bugs to be
> worked out.)  For items in Linux, it would mean having items on track
> to make it into the kernel released just after the scheduled 4.5 time frame.
> In terms of libvirt it has monthly releases. As such not going to track
> every release - but closer to when RCs are out.
> == Completed ==

> *  ARM - MiniOS (done)
>    v7 posted
>   -  Thomas Leonard

This is not done (not all patches were applied). I posted v8 on 3 Oct
(no responses yet):


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