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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC 2/4] osstest: add support for installing bare metal FreeBSD

On 12/08/14 18:42, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Roger Pau Monne writes ("[PATCH RFC 2/4] osstest: add support for installing 
> bare metal FreeBSD"):
>> This is done using mfsBSD, which can be booted from pxelinux and
>> contains a script to automatically install FreeBSD using ZFS on root.
>> After the install the host is set to boot from the local disk.
> ...
>> +# TODO: all this should be runvars
>> +our $version = '10.0-RELEASE';
>> +our $ftp = 'ftp.freebsd.org';
> Does this mean that this script will fail if ftp.freebsd.org is down ?

Yes, it will fail to fetch the sets.

> Is there a way of avoiding that ?  We try to keep to a minimum the
> number of different servers that osstest's production instance depends
> on.

I see two ways to solve this, either we create our own internal http/ftp
mirror, or we could iterate over the list of official mirrors, expecting
that at least one of them is accessible.

>> +# TODO: this has to be set on a per-host basis.
>> +# It should probably come from $ho?
>> +our $disk = 'da0';
>> +our $nic = 'bce0';
> Does this mean that this has to be manually configured, rather than
> detected ?  It could be a host property but really it would be better
> not to have to set these kind of freebsd-specific host properties.

I think I could probably come up with a way to detect the primary disk
if the box doesn't contain multiple disk controllers. For the nic I
could also see which one has the host IP assigned, and used that. It's
probably going to be a little hacky, let me send another iteration with
this and then let's decide.

>> +    target_cmd_root_with_password($ho, <<END, 900, "root");
>> +        mkdir -p ~/.ssh
> Missing `set -e'.  (Throughout.)
>> +    logm('Setting up serial console');
>> +    target_cmd_root($ho, <<END, 900);
>> +            echo "-Dh" >> /mnt/boot.config
> Does FreeBSD's echo really simploy print things that look like
> options ?  I would use printf(1).


# echo "-Dh"

Ok, I will switch it to printf.

>> +    # Remove the known hosts file, since the keys will be regenerated after
>> +    # rebooting into the installed system
>> +    unlink "tmp/t.known_hosts_$flight.$job";
> Can you instead arrange for the fixed keys to be installed on the
> host ?  Otherwise manually sshing into these test boxes is very
> annoying because the ssh keys keep changing.

The ssh key is only going to change one time, the key we have previous
to this point is the key from the installer. I will look into copying
this key into the installed system in order to prevent it from
generating a new key.

Thanks, Roger.

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