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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC 2/4] osstest: add support for installing bare metal FreeBSD

Roger Pau Monne writes ("[PATCH RFC 2/4] osstest: add support for installing 
bare metal FreeBSD"):
> This is done using mfsBSD, which can be booted from pxelinux and
> contains a script to automatically install FreeBSD using ZFS on root.
> After the install the host is set to boot from the local disk.
> +# TODO: all this should be runvars
> +our $version = '10.0-RELEASE';
> +our $ftp = 'ftp.freebsd.org';

Does this mean that this script will fail if ftp.freebsd.org is down ?
Is there a way of avoiding that ?  We try to keep to a minimum the
number of different servers that osstest's production instance depends

> +# TODO: this has to be set on a per-host basis.
> +# It should probably come from $ho?
> +our $disk = 'da0';
> +our $nic = 'bce0';

Does this mean that this has to be manually configured, rather than
detected ?  It could be a host property but really it would be better
not to have to set these kind of freebsd-specific host properties.

> +    target_cmd_root_with_password($ho, <<END, 900, "root");
> +        mkdir -p ~/.ssh

Missing `set -e'.  (Throughout.)

> +    logm('Setting up serial console');
> +    target_cmd_root($ho, <<END, 900);
> +            echo "-Dh" >> /mnt/boot.config

Does FreeBSD's echo really simploy print things that look like
options ?  I would use printf(1).

> +    # Remove the known hosts file, since the keys will be regenerated after
> +    # rebooting into the installed system
> +    unlink "tmp/t.known_hosts_$flight.$job";

Can you instead arrange for the fixed keys to be installed on the
host ?  Otherwise manually sshing into these test boxes is very
annoying because the ssh keys keep changing.


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