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Re: [Xen-devel] failed to boot into kernel during osstest standalone mode

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your reply and it's really very useful to me.
I connect a serial port on test host machine instead of VGA and found the 
machine is trying to install OS from mirrors server. That's why hangs at 
"booting the kernel" screen on VGA view. 
But, the installing is failed, seams something wrong with my mirrors server as 
below:[refer to mirror_error.log for detail] and I will continue to try.
Starting system log daemon: syslogd, klogd.
Detecting network hardware  ... 95%... 100%
Detecting link on eth0; please wait...  ... 16%... 25%... 33%... 41%... 50%... 
%Waiting for link-local address...  ... 16%... 25%... 33%... 41%... 100%
Attempting IPv6 autoconfiguration...  ... 16%... 25%... 33%... 41%... 50%... 
66%Configuring the network with DHCP  ... 100%
Choose a mirror of the Debian archive
!! ERROR: Bad archive mirror
An error has been detected while trying to use the specified Debian archive 

So, the test host machine will re-install a pure OS with preseed file, right? 
And, after the OS installation via PXE Server is completed, osstest will 
continue to run, right?

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> From: Ian Campbell [mailto:Ian.Campbell@xxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2014 4:51 PM
> To: Pang, LongtaoX
> Cc: Wei Liu; Ian.Jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; xen-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: [Xen-devel] failed to boot into kernel during osstest standalone
> mode
> On Tue, 2014-07-01 at 10:44 +0000, Pang, LongtaoX wrote:
> > Hi Wei,
> >
> > Have a nice day!
> > Currently, I am confused about below problem When I doing OSSTest.
> >
> > Create a global config file in ~/.xen-osstest/config[refer to config.log for
> detail].
> > In osstest.git directory, execute command "./standalone-reset", then
> > execute the command "./sg-run-job build-amd64", power off / power on
> > test host machine manually according to the prompted on Controller
> > machine, then the test host machine will boot from PXE server which I
> > have setup on Controller machine, but hangs at "booting the kernel"
> > screen[refer to hangs.jpg].
> > On controller side, it prompted "connection refused": [refer to
> > build-amd64.log for detail]
> Are you sure that it isn't just installing and logging by default to the 
> serial? For
> my machine h09 I use
>         HostProp_h09_NoSerial 1
> To cause it to use VGA instead.
> The connection refused is probably just because the install is in progress.
> osstest will keep polling until either succeeds (because the install is 
> complete)
> or times out.
> Looking at your config it seems unlikely that these two are correct:
>         DnsDomain uk.xensource.com
>         HostProp_DhcpWatchMethod leases dhcp3
> dhcp.uk.xensource.com:5556
> > I have setup PXE, tftp, http, dhcp service on Controller machine and the
> function is fine. Also, after I execute command "./standalone-reset", the
> Debian Installer files(version: wheezy) could be fetched from mirrors server 
> and
> the standalone.db could be created successfully.
> > root@OSSTEST:/tftpboot/root/osstest/debian-installer/amd64# ls
> > 2014-07-01-wheezy/ initrd.gz  initrd.gz-xen  linux  vmlinuz-xen
> >
> > So, do you think what the problem might be and give some suggest?
> > Well, what's the function of "" file during
> > OSSTest which is generated automatically? I think it's NOT necessary
> > for PXE remote installed OS for test host machine, right?
> I don't understand what you are asking here, but in general osstest prefers to
> reinstall all machines into a pristine and controlled state, hence it 
> generates a
> preseed file to use for that.
> Ian.

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