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Re: [Xen-devel] HVM crash system on AMD APU A8-6600K

Can you please reply-to-all to keep this on the list.

On 03/02/14 14:21, Vitaliy Tomin wrote:
>> Does it start with debug=n, but without trying to passthrough the pci device 
>> (the graphics core of the apu?) to the hvm ?
> No it crashes even with empty HVM domain (no os, no disk images no network)

What about without PCI passthrough?  In all cases you appear to be
passing the embedded graphics through to an HVM domain

>> Can you explain "=== whole system crashed ===" a little more.
> II means system instantly rebooted. Black screen, no messages, no
> image on screen next what I see is POST of my real hardware.
> Log of xen runned with debug=y attached,hvm dom runned and no crash.

Ok - so something forced a system reset.  Even more curious that debug
mode is fine while non-debug is fatal.


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