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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen host crash

On 29/08/13 20:46, Rushikesh Jadhav wrote:


Having said that, you are using Xen 3.4 which is ages out of date, and in fact, probably using XenServer 5.6SP2 (so shouldn't be using xen-devel anyway).

It is quite an old yet stable host with trusted guests. I wanted more information about Xen stack traces and whats the best way to read them hence sent on the list.

Current crash did not generate a core dump, hence I tried crashdump analyzer from xenbits.xen.org on other core dumps but that fails with 

INFO  Elf CORE crash file: /tmp/core.kdump.1405
ERROR Unexpected class 1
ERROR Failed to parse the crash file

in xen-crashdump-analyser.log.

There is a reason I threw kdump away and wrote the crashdump analyser; It would crash all over the place.  That crash file is from the kdump utility, not from Xen.  The crashdump analyser will not be able to parse it.

I have only one binary dump file in each crash logs /var/crash/ as core.kdump.1405. Rest all are .log files which does not seem to be parsed by the github tool.  Is there any other file I should be looking at ?  /proc/vmcore looks to be default file for tool but its not present.

/proc/vmcore only exists at the time of the crash.  Is is a pseudo file which refers to the crashed memory of Xen at the time.  It ceases to exist as soon as the soon as the server reboots.

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