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[Xen-devel] Xen host crash

Hi People,

I had a crash of Xen [ 3.4.2 ] host today and the crash log was dumped in /var/crash/

While analyzing the crash log & call trace on this 24 PCPU host, I found that some of PCPUs were in idle state & many were having same call trace as 

Call Trace:
 [ffff828c8010e310] dump_domains+0x4d0
  ffff828c80175b7c  crash_nmi_callback+0x2c
  ffff828c8015f2f9  do_nmi+0x39
  ffff828c801d6877  handle_ist_exception+0x52
  ffff828c801787b2  acpi_safe_halt+0x2

Only one PCPU has got call trace as

Call Trace:
 [ffff828c8010e310] dump_domains+0x4d0
  ffff828c8010eeb7  kexec_crash+0x57
  ffff828c80127b36  panic+0x136
  ffff828c8011b7da  __print_symbol+0x8a
  ffff828c8019b4ab  vmx_asm_vmexit_handler+0x6b
  ffff828c80100000  __per_cpu_shift+0x800ffff4
  ffff828c8015eb75  show_stack+0x155
  ffff828c8015eeba  fatal_trap+0x6a
  ffff828c801567a1  nmi_watchdog_tick+0x131
  ffff828c8015f37f  do_nmi+0xbf
  ffff828c801d6877  handle_ist_exception+0x52
  ffff828c8011ab02  _spin_lock+0x12

Can anyone please help me understand this & try to find out crash cause ?
There are no error logs in messages or kernel at the time of crash.

I checked for C-States and it is set to 2.

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