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Re: [Xen-devel] (XEN) [2013-08-23 12:23:26] Assertion 'entry->pirq == pirq' failed at vmsi.c

>>> On 23.08.13 at 14:34, Sander Eikelenboom <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> After manually adding the iommu mapping for the southbridge ioapic,
> passthrough seems to work fine for all devices accept one usb-controller 
> which enables MSI-x.
> It fails the 'entry->pirq == pirq' assertion in function msixtbl_pt_register.

First of all - why do you mail me about this rather than (or at least
not along with) the offending changset's author? While it was indeed
me who added the assertion, I did so for the very reason that I
didn't trust the author's vague statement that these would always
match. And you proved that I was right with that. So Joby - should
I revert the commit, or will you be able to come up with a fix within
the next few days?

> (XEN) [2013-08-23 12:23:26] SEIK - msixtbl_pt_register  [0000:04:00.0] 
> entry_pirq:87 entry_evtchn:0 masked:0  || pirq:87 evtchn:0 masked:0
> (XEN) [2013-08-23 12:23:26] SEIK - msixtbl_pt_register  [0000:04:00.0] pdev 
> == 
> entry->pdev, no need to add_msixtbl_entry ?? 
> (XEN) [2013-08-23 12:23:26] SEIK - msixtbl_pt_register  [0000:04:00.0] 
> entry_pirq:87 entry_evtchn:0 masked:0  || pirq:86 evtchn:0 masked:0
> (XEN) [2013-08-23 12:23:26] Assertion 'entry->pirq == pirq' failed at 
> vmsi.c:472

One possibly important piece of information missing here is how
many MSI-X vectors that device has.

And if you comment out the offending assertion, what is the resulting
output from your debugging changes plus subsequent 'M' and 'i' debug
key output (i.e. I'm interested in finding the association between IRQs
and MSI-X table entries; for that purpose it would be helpful if you
could also print the two involved pointers [entry and pirq]). It might
well be that there was something broken already prior to Joby's patch...


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