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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.4 development update

On 09/08/13 15:10, Dario Faggioli wrote:
On gio, 2013-08-08 at 17:09 +0100, George Dunlap wrote:
= Timeline =

As discussed elsewhere, I am proposing a 6-month release cycle.  Xen
4.3 was released on 9 July.  That would give us a release on 9 January
2014.  This is fairly close after the Christmas season, so I propose
to make the estimated release date later, on 21 January, giving a few
extra weeks for the holiday season:

* Feature freeze: 18 October 2013
* Code freezing point: 8 November 2013
* First RC: 26 November 2013
* Release: 21 January 2014

18 October... Tight. At least code freeze is a bit later! :-P

Last updated: 8 August 2013

== Backlog ==

=== Testing coverage ===


  * Performance benchmarking on top of osstest

=== Big ticket items ===

* NUMA Memory migration
   owner: dario@citrix
   status: in progress

Confirmed to be in progress.

* Meta: PVIO NUMA improvements
  - NUMA affinity for vcpus
     owner: Dario

status: in progress

  - PV guest NUMA interface
     owner: Elena

status: in progress

Right Elena?

  - Sensible dom0 NUMA layout

status: not started

  - Toolstack pinning backend thread / virq to appropraite d0 vcpu

status: not started

Also, we might want to add:

   - HVM guest NUMA
      owner: Matt Wilson
      status: ?

Is that ok, Matt?

If you're concerned about the libxl part of that, I have a series half
backed that I'll be posting here soon (as RFC or something), so feel
free to leave that to me. :-)

And this one too:

   - NUMA-aware ballooning
      owner: Li Yechen
      status: ?

Is that ok, Yechen?

* libvirt/libxl integration (external)
  > need a status update
  - owner: jfehlig@suse, dario@citrix

Yep, putting together a status update right in these days (I plan a
XenSummit talk about it)

=== clean-ups ===

* Sort out better memory / ballooning / dom0 autoballooning thing
  > Don't forget NUMA angle

Mmm... This is an old discussion which, if I remember correctly (at
least what the "NUMA angle" was), is about a TOCTOU issue involving
automatic NUMA placement and ballooning, domain creation, and perhaps
even more memory related operations (depends on the toolstack)... It's
not "just" a ballooning or autoballooning  problem, and it's completely
different from the "NUMA-aware ballooning" I was talking about before.

I don't have much in mind to properly deal with it. One think I can
double check is whether the claim mechanism Oracle introduced can be of
any help, but nothing much than that for now.

In any case, at least from my side, this is as follows.

status: not started.

OK -- I think there are a couple of us with it on our minds, so I'll leave it un-claimed. When someone starts to work on it, let everyone else know, so there's no duplicated effort.


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