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Re: [Xen-devel] [Input needed, open until Monday Aug 12th] Should we have an invite only, 1/2 day developer meeting before Xen Developer Summit (i.e. in the afternoon of October 23, Edinburgh, UK)

On Aug 5, 2013, at 10:06 AM, Lars Kurth <lars.kurth@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 05/08/2013 14:07, Ben Guthro wrote:
>> If someone (such as myself) has interest in this event, but was not on an 
>> 'invite only' list in the past, are you looking for such feedback?
> It is invite only in the sense of the Hackathons, where we have limited 
> space. What we do there is
> a) Anybody can request an invite
> b) If it somebody who is totally unknown in the community asks for an invite, 
> we will likely put them onto a waiting list
> c) People who are known and have contributed will get an invite
> d) If we still have space we go through the waiting list and see how/whether 
> they can fit in
> To answer your question: anybody who is active on these lists and wants to 
> attend should be able to get a space. The only possibility where we don't 
> have enough space is if say 20 people say they want to come replying to the 
> thread, I book space for 30 and then 60 people request an invite. In practice 
> this isn't likely though.
> Does this answer your question?

Yes, thank you for clarification


> Regards
> Lars

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