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Re: [Xen-devel] [Input needed, open until Monday Aug 12th] Should we have an invite only, 1/2 day developer meeting before Xen Developer Summit (i.e. in the afternoon of October 23, Edinburgh, UK)

On 05/08/2013 14:07, Ben Guthro wrote:
If someone (such as myself) has interest in this event, but was not on an 'invite only' list in the past, are you looking for such feedback?
It is invite only in the sense of the Hackathons, where we have limited space. What we do there is
a) Anybody can request an invite
b) If it somebody who is totally unknown in the community asks for an invite, we will likely put them onto a waiting list
c) People who are known and have contributed will get an invite
d) If we still have space we go through the waiting list and see how/whether they can fit in

To answer your question: anybody who is active on these lists and wants to attend should be able to get a space. The only possibility where we don't have enough space is if say 20 people say they want to come replying to the thread, I book space for 30 and then 60 people request an invite. In practice this isn't likely though.

Does this answer your question?


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