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[Xen-devel] [Input needed, open until Monday Aug 12th] Should we have an invite only, 1/2 day developer meeting before Xen Developer Summit (i.e. in the afternoon of October 23, Edinburgh, UK)

Hi all,

last year, we had a very productive 1/2 day face-2-face meeting before the Xen Developer Summit. The question is, whether we should do this again this year. I checked with the Linux Foundation and we can get the space if we want to. But, I do not (yet) have the budget secured from the Advisory Board.

What need to know before the next board meeting is:
a) Do you think we should have the meeting at all (i.e. do you think it is valuable)?
b) Would you attend, if we have it?

Please reply via +1 to each question

If there is not enough feedback or the numbers of developers who would attend is too low, it will be hard to make the case for the funds that we need to host the face-2-face. So, MAKE SURE YOU REPLY, even if you agree with everybody else. Also the numbers, will help me judge the cost (and will determine the number of places that will be available).

Best Regards

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