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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 1/4] IOMMU: allow MSI message to IRTE propagation to fail

On Thu, 28 Mar 2013, Jan Beulich wrote:
> Indeed this might save me some time when sending the patches.
> But would it not require more time when fiddling with the patches
> while putting them together? As an example, I don't normally
> write patch descriptions right away, but do so only when getting
> ready to submit the patches. With git wanting to create a commit
> out of everything, I have to then run extra git commands to get
> the description added to each patch. Whereas with quilt this is a
> simple editing of the patch file, easily cut-n-paste between
> different instances of the patch on different trees (which I
> particularly find myself in need of when producing security fixes
> and their backports).
> Similarly, fixing minor issues (including rejects because of changes
> to earlier files in the series) by editing a patch file is impossible
> with git afaict. And no, using git's merge functionality is of no
> help to me at all, not the least because of the close to unusable
> (to me at least) UIs of any Linux based editors I've come across
> so far. Yet if anything, a merge tool ought to be interactive.
> Merges that just leave awful marks in the merge output are
> pretty pointless imo.


> That would be possible, but making the patch mail composition
> more tedious for me. And while I'm all in favor of making others'
> work easier looking at stuff I'm interested in getting reviewed, I
> have some difficulty justifying my own effort needing to further
> increase to do so. If there was a way to make your and my life
> easier in this regard...

I agree with you on all points, in fact I don't use git rebase either.

But at the same time I need to be able to produce git branches and issue
pull requests on the LKML, so I use guilt: it's just like quilt plus a
minimum level of integration with git, so that every time you guilt push
or guilt pop you create or remove a git commit from the working branch.
Of course all the patches are maintained in separate text files in a
subdirectory (.git/patches/<branchname>).
You can still use all your cut-and-paste tricks between the patch files.
If you are used to quilt, you should be at home with guilt.

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