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Re: [Xen-devel] Intended functioning of Xenpaging

>> But is this really how xenpaging is supposed to work? Shouldn't the
>> memory reclaimed from a guest be returned to it when free memory
>> becomes available at the host? Or maybe a xenpaging reclaimed memory
>> pool be maintained from which memory can be allocated to the
>> participating guests depending upon certain policies?
> Thats up to an upper memory management layer to balance the available
> physical memory across all guests. xenpaging does just one thing, it
> tries to keep them memory footprint of a given guest at the configured
> level.

Thanks for the clarification Olaf.

>> When I map the guest's memory in Dom0, however, I do see all of the
>> guest's pages being brought into RAM together at once.
> Thats because the pages are accessed, so they need to be present in
> memory.

That's true because the operation happens inside a privileged domain,
and it wouldn't (doesn't) work when performed from within the guest,


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