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Re: [Xen-devel] Intended functioning of Xenpaging

On Sun, Mar 10, Sahil Suneja wrote:

> But is this really how xenpaging is supposed to work? Shouldn't the
> memory reclaimed from a guest be returned to it when free memory
> becomes available at the host? Or maybe a xenpaging reclaimed memory
> pool be maintained from which memory can be allocated to the
> participating guests depending upon certain policies?

Thats up to an upper memory management layer to balance the available
physical memory across all guests. xenpaging does just one thing, it
tries to keep them memory footprint of a given guest at the configured

> When I map the guest's memory in Dom0, however, I do see all of the
> guest's pages being brought into RAM together at once.

Thats because the pages are accessed, so they need to be present in


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