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[Xen-devel] Questions about PVH in Xen 4.3 unstable

Hello all,

I have a few question about PVH guests on Xen 4.3 unstable.

Actually I am running 4.2.1 with Linux 3.7.4 with Debian Squeeze as Dom0. For the HVM guests I am using ioemu stubdoms. When I understood PVH correctly it implements that what actually is done with PV drivers on HVM guests as a aggregated and seperate guest type.

So is it already possible to use PVH in 4.3 unstable for Dom0 and DomU? And does PVHs can get use of stubdoms?

I am a little bit confused about a text I read that stubdoms are not needed for HVM guests which have PV drivers installed, is this correct or can a HVM guest always make use of stubdoms?

Hope that someone could help me.

Best Regards
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