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Re: [Xen-devel] xennet: skb rides the rocket: 20 slots

On Fri, 2013-01-11 at 07:34 +0000, ANNIE LI wrote:
> > I'm guessing that Linux already has code which can do this for you,
> > since it has a software fallback for GSO.
> There is "skb_gso_segment" existing to perform segmentation on skb and 
> return a list of segments. From the code, it seems this function is 
> specific to GSO packets, maybe it is not available to other non-gso 
> large packets which requires slots is larger than MAX_SKB_FRAGS + 1". So 
> for non-gso offload packets, I would go forward to write a function to 
> do resegment.

Without GSO I don't think you should be seeing packets larger than the
MTU, which would normally be either ~1500 or ~9000 and fit easily within
any sensible negotiation for the max frags. I don't think you should
worry unduly about this case.


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