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[Xen-devel] Correct format for HVM graphics

Hi Stefano,

quite a while back in time, you and Konrad had a discussion about some HVM setup
problems via libvirt. One part was graphics and the problem seemed to be that
when creating a new instance through xend for HVM, the use of vfb was wrong. It
mostly does work but then also defines a vkbd which takes a long time in the
xenbus setup to finally fail.

Because this was not a really fatal problem it did take a long time to actually
get back to it. But now I had a look and found that libvirt indeed does use the
vfb form for both the xen-xm and xen-sxpr formats (the latter being used to
create guests). The decision is made based on the xend version number in the HVM
case. Which would be wrong if I did understand your reply correctly.

I have been testing a patch to libvirt, which would not use a vfb definition
whenever HVM is used (regardless of xend version). And it does seem to work (xm
list -l however has a vfb device definition, but the same happens when creating
the instance with a xm style config file that definitely has no vfb section in
it). But I am testing based on our 12.04 release which uses Xen 4.1.2. So I want
to make sure the solution for libvirt is correct for even the current Xen 

So in short, is this always correct?

if (HVM or (PVM when xend is from xen < 3.0.4 / xend version < 3))
   do not define a vfb device
else /* PVM and xend version >= 3 */
   define a vfb device


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