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Re: [Xen-devel] Correct format for HVM graphics

On Wed, Apr 04, 2012 at 05:08:30PM +0200, Stefan Bader wrote:
> Hi Stefano,
> quite a while back in time, you and Konrad had a discussion about some HVM 
> setup
> problems via libvirt. One part was graphics and the problem seemed to be that
> when creating a new instance through xend for HVM, the use of vfb was wrong. 
> It
> mostly does work but then also defines a vkbd which takes a long time in the
> xenbus setup to finally fail.

So, this patch 
fixes it in the kernel (and I remembered this time to stick stable@xxxxxxxxxx 
on it).

It should eleviate some of the pains by making the timeout only 30 seconds when
vkbd is used, instead of the lengthy 6 minutes.

> Because this was not a really fatal problem it did take a long time to 
> actually
> get back to it. But now I had a look and found that libvirt indeed does use 
> the
> vfb form for both the xen-xm and xen-sxpr formats (the latter being used to
> create guests). The decision is made based on the xend version number in the 
> case. Which would be wrong if I did understand your reply correctly.
> I have been testing a patch to libvirt, which would not use a vfb definition
> whenever HVM is used (regardless of xend version). And it does seem to work 
> (xm
> list -l however has a vfb device definition, but the same happens when 
> creating
> the instance with a xm style config file that definitely has no vfb section in
> it). But I am testing based on our 12.04 release which uses Xen 4.1.2. So I 
> want
> to make sure the solution for libvirt is correct for even the current Xen 
> version.
> So in short, is this always correct?
> if (HVM or (PVM when xend is from xen < 3.0.4 / xend version < 3))
>    do not define a vfb device
> else /* PVM and xend version >= 3 */
>    define a vfb device
> Thanks,
> Stefan

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