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Re: [Xen-devel] Archiving XCI : Request for an Archivation Review for the XCI project

On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 07:51:02PM -0600, Andrew Warkentin wrote:
> While I am not necessarily wanting to take over the XCI project
> (however, I might consider it), I am putting together my own XCI
> distribution, OpenXCI. It is not based on the xen.org XCI project
> (which is rather outdated), but instead will be based on a fork of the
> free parts of the XCI toolstack from XenClient 2 running on a Debian
> 6.0 base. OpenXCI will be different from other desktop hypervisors in
> that it will be just a multi-boot alternative without any support for
> remote provisioning or management other than SSH (it's intended for
> people who can manage their own computers by themselves), but there is
> no reason that the toolstack couldn't be used elsewhere.


> Currently, I have working graphics and input servers, and am using
> them with a more or less stock Debian 6.0 system. I haven't yet ported
> the XCI toolstack because I am trying to find a more stable kernel
> (pv-ops kernels seem to be rather unstable on my system, whereas the
> XenClient 2 xenlinux kernel never crashed except when the drive
> failed). The SourceForge page is at <http://sf.net/projects/openxci/>
> (the graphics and input servers as well as the corresponding QEMU
> patches are available there; I'll post more information soon).

It'd be nice if you could capture the pvops dom0 kernel errors/logs,
so the problems can be fixed. Everyone should switch to pvops kernel by now,
so all the issues and rough edges can be sorted out!

You can use serial console to capture the boot messages/errors:

In the case of a laptop you can use SOL (if your hardware has it),
or you can get a suitable ExpressCard (PCIe) serial adapter.

-- Pasi

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