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[Xen-devel] Archiving XCI : Request for an Archivation Review for the XCI project

Hi everybody,

the XCI project appears to have been dormant for a while and there is no project lead for XCI today. In line with Xen governance (see phttp://www.xen.org/projects/governance.html), I would like to first get community views on the health of the project and then schedule an archivation review.

Let me quote from the process: "The review is essentially a pitch why the project should be archived. The purpose of the review is not necessarily to archive a project, but also to provide a last opportunity for interested parties in the Xen.org community to save the project and step up. The Xen.org community manager will support efforts to save the project, should community members want to step up. There is the special case that a project has been completed: in this case the normal situation would be for the project lead to make the case, why this is so."

Right now, the project shows a number of issues:
a) There is little or no activity
b) There is no project lead
c) There is no mentor for the project
d) Maybe there is a case, that the project has actually been completed

The first step of addressing these issues, would be to find a mentor and new project lead for the XCI project. This could be a vendor expressing interest in leading the project, who would ultimately provide the project lead. The project lead could also be an individual. My suggestion is to first have an open discussion about the issues and see if somebody is willing to step up. If so, I will work with the vendor or individual who steps up. Failing this, we will schedule an archivation review.

My suggestion is, to allow 2 weeks for discussion. In other words, I will collate the input that I have received by April 12th. We will then schedule the actual review.

We have not had archivation reviews in the past, but I believe we should run this as a semi-public meeting. I.e. interested parties approach me and will be invited to the meeting.

Best Regards

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