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Re: [Xen-devel] [Xci-devel] Archiving XCI : Request for an Archivation Review for the XCI project


that is good news. I see a number of options going forward, which really depends on your preference and also what committers and maintainers in the community think: 1) OpenXCI as a new project hosted on Xen.org - starting as an incubation project as per http://www.xen.org/projects/governance.html and archive the old one. What you describe sounds sufficiently different.

2) OpenXCI as a separate project: Xen.org can help you promoting the project in various ways

If you want and have a bit more clarity on what you want to do and how you want to achieve things, I could arrange a call with you and walk you through the details.


On 30/03/2012 02:51, Andrew Warkentin wrote:
On 3/29/12, Lars Kurth<lars.kurth@xxxxxxx>  wrote:
Hi everybody,

the XCI project appears to have been dormant for a while and there is no
project lead for XCI today.  In line with Xen governance (see
phttp://www.xen.org/projects/governance.html), I would like to first get
community views on the health of the project and then schedule an
archivation review.

Let me quote from the process: "The review is essentially a pitch why
the project should be archived. The purpose of the review is not
necessarily to archive a project, but also to provide a last opportunity
for interested parties in the Xen.org community to save the project and
step up. The Xen.org community manager will support efforts to save the
project, should community members want to step up. There is the special
case that a project has been completed: in this case the normal
situation would be for the project lead to make the case, why this is so."

Right now, the project shows a number of issues:
a) There is little or no activity
b) There is no project lead
c) There is no mentor for the project
d) Maybe there is a case, that the project has actually been completed

The first step of addressing these issues, would be to find a mentor and
new project lead for the XCI project. This could be a vendor expressing
interest in leading the project, who would ultimately provide the
project lead. The project lead could also be an individual. My
suggestion is to first have an open discussion about the issues and see
if somebody is willing to step up. If so, I will work with the vendor or
individual who steps up. Failing this, we will schedule an archivation

My suggestion is, to allow 2 weeks for discussion. In other words, I
will collate the input that I have received by April 12th. We will then
schedule the actual review.

We have not had archivation reviews in the past, but I believe we should
run this as a semi-public meeting. I.e. interested parties approach me
and will be invited to the meeting.

While I am not necessarily wanting to take over the XCI project
(however, I might consider it), I am putting together my own XCI
distribution, OpenXCI. It is not based on the xen.org XCI project
(which is rather outdated), but instead will be based on a fork of the
free parts of the XCI toolstack from XenClient 2 running on a Debian
6.0 base. OpenXCI will be different from other desktop hypervisors in
that it will be just a multi-boot alternative without any support for
remote provisioning or management other than SSH (it's intended for
people who can manage their own computers by themselves), but there is
no reason that the toolstack couldn't be used elsewhere.

Currently, I have working graphics and input servers, and am using
them with a more or less stock Debian 6.0 system. I haven't yet ported
the XCI toolstack because I am trying to find a more stable kernel
(pv-ops kernels seem to be rather unstable on my system, whereas the
XenClient 2 xenlinux kernel never crashed except when the drive
failed). The SourceForge page is at<http://sf.net/projects/openxci/>
(the graphics and input servers as well as the corresponding QEMU
patches are available there; I'll post more information soon).

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