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Re: [Xen-devel] After switching from "xm" to "xl" toolstack, can't get Guest networking to work.

erin.balid@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I found this post from a year ago by an OpenSuse Xen developer -
> http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-features/2011-03/msg00212.html

A mailing list to discuss openSUSE features, not an authoritative
resource on functionality in any given openSUSE release...

> "Xen 4.1.0 (due February 2011) will be the first release in which thenew
> xl/libxl (aka libxenlight [1]) toolstack will be the default,preferred
> tool set. Although still included in the release, the legacyxm/xend
> toolstack will be disabled and in process of deprecation."
> That was for 4.1.0. The current version is 4.1.2.  The post reads then
> like we already should be using xl in OpenSuse.

That talks about upstream xen, not xen packaging in openSUSE.  xl/libxl
is the default, preferred toolstack in upstream Xen 4.1.x.

>   Looks like the author
> posts on this list too.  I'll CC him directly on just this email. Maybe
> he can participate here a bit and has some ideas.

Well, our plan was to switch to xl/libxl in openSUSE12.1, but we
switched back to the legacy toolstack before 12.1 released.  In the end,
we didn't have time to ensure xl/libxl was baked enough serve as a
replacement for xm/xend, let alone ensuring the tools consuming libxl
(e.g. libvirt) were feature parity with the legacy toolstack
counterparts.  Hopefully we will have time to do this during
openSUSE12.2 development cycle.

BTW, I can reproduce your problem and will take a look as time permits.


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