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Re: [Xen-devel] After switching from "xm" to "xl" toolstack, can't get Guest networking to work.

Hi Roger.

On Sun, Jan 22, 2012, at 06:28 PM, Roger Pau Monné wrote:
> Apart from the fact that you have quite a lot of junk in xenstore I
> don't see anything strange, devices seem to be connected ok. I've
> realized that you have installed
> patterns-openSUSE-xen_server-12.1-25.21.1.x86_64, what's this? I've
> never used Xen with OpenSUSE, but this seems related to XenServer
> comercial version, not open source Xen. Maybe someone familiar with
> Xen on OpenSUSE can provide more helpful information.

That package is a meta-package for the xen_server package. 'patterns' on
OpenSuse are just functional collections of packages.

zypper info patterns-openSUSE-xen_server
        Information for package patterns-openSUSE-xen_server:

        Repository: OS12-oss
        Name: patterns-openSUSE-xen_server
        Version: 12.1-25.21.1
        Arch: x86_64
        Vendor: openSUSE
        Installed: Yes
        Status: up-to-date
        Installed Size: 1.0 KiB
        Summary: Meta package for pattern xen_server
        This package is installed if a pattern is selected to have a
        working update path

zypper info -t pattern xen_server
        Information for pattern xen_server:

        Repository: OS12-oss
        Name: xen_server
        Version: 12.1-25.21.1
        Arch: x86_64
        Vendor: openSUSE
        Installed: Yes
        Summary: Xen Virtual Machine Host Server
        Software to set up a server for configuring, managing, and
        monitoring virtual machines on a single physical machine.

        S | Name                         | Type    | Dependency
        i | kernel-xen                   | package |
        i | xen-tools                    | package |
          | vm-install                   | package |
        i | yast2-vm                     | package |
          | virt-manager                 | package |
        i | patterns-openSUSE-xen_server | package |
        i | bridge-utils                 | package |
        i | install-initrd               | package |
          | virt-viewer                  | package |
        i | xterm                        | package |
        i | xen                          | package |
        i | xen-doc-html                 | package |
        i | xen-doc-pdf                  | package |
        i | xen-libs                     | package |

It has nothing to do with commercial Xen.

> The only strange thing I see are the hotplug error messages in
> /var/log/messages, but I don't know what could cause them. Maybe old
> udev rules or hotplug scripts that didn't get cleaned when updating?

I know this machine was originally installed with at least opensuse
11.4. I upgraded it from 11.4 ==> 12.1.  I don't know if it was
originally installed on 11.4, or sommthing even earlier and then

Short of reinstalling the machine from scratch, I don't know to clean
things up.  It sounds like it's more that just deleting the xenstore
database somehow.

I found this post from a year ago by an OpenSuse Xen developer -


"Xen 4.1.0 (due February 2011) will be the first release in which thenew
xl/libxl (aka libxenlight [1]) toolstack will be the default,preferred
tool set. Although still included in the release, the legacyxm/xend
toolstack will be disabled and in process of deprecation."

That was for 4.1.0. The current version is 4.1.2.  The post reads then
like we already should be using xl in OpenSuse.  Looks like the author
posts on this list too.  I'll CC him directly on just this email. Maybe
he can participate here a bit and has some ideas.



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