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[Xen-devel] Available PCIe lanes for VGA passthrough


I hope that I am posting the correct list with this question.

I have been trying to get VGA passthrough working on my system for some time now without success.
I do not have the system with me right now, so I will not be able to provide any logs or error messages right now. I will be able to to do so in a couple of hours.

I have a VT-d enabled system (Motherboard and CPU) on which I wish to pass the secondary graphics card (EVGA GTX480 SE) through to the HVM (WinXP 32-bit).
Currently I am testing with Debian Squeeze, using the 3.1.8 kernel and Xen 4.2.unstable according to these instructions: http://www.davidgis.fr/blog/index.php?2011/12/07/860-xen-42unstable-patches-for-vga-pass-through

I can only boot the WinXP client via the VNC console (gfx_passthrough=0), and from within WinXP I see that the OS has detected the GTX480 card (as its secondary card), but I am not able to use it. I have tried the 275.33 drives, and they make no difference.

My question is related to the number of PCIe lanes I have available to the graphics card.
I only have 8 lanes available for the GTX480 (which is a PCIe x16 card), could this pose an issue for Xen?

I plan to test VGA passthrough with an ATI graphics card (also in a PCIe x8 slot) later to see if it will work or not. I will update what I find.


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