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[Xen-devel] Xen 4.2 TODO List Update

An updated version of the list is below. Some items are marked "nice to
have" meaning that we don't think they should block the release. I'll
try and post an update on a semi-regular basis as and when things are

I think I have incorporated all the updates made in the last thread as
well as correctly reflected the status of each item. Please let me know
if something is out of date e.g. if progress has been made which I
haven't reflected below.

hypervisor, blockers:

      * round-up of the closing of the security hole in MSI-X
        passthrough (uniformly - i.e. even for Dom0 - disallowing write
        access to MSI-X table pages). (Jan Beulich, after upstream qemu
        patch series also incorporates the respective recent qemu-xen
      * domctls / sysctls set up to modify scheduler parameters, like
        the credit1 timeslice (and schedule rate, if that ever makes it
        in). (George Dunlap)
      * get the interface changes for sharing/paging/mem-events done and
        dusted so that 4.2 is a stable API that we hold to. (Tim Deegan,
        Andres Lagar-Cavilla et al)
              * mem event ring management posted, seems close to going
              * sharing patches posted

tools, blockers:

      * libxl stable API -- we would like 4.2 to define a stable API
        which downstream's can start to rely on not changing. Aspects of
        this are:
              * event handling (Ian Jackson, posted several rounds,
                nearing completion?)
              * drop libxl_device_model_info (move bits to build_info or
                elsewhere as appropriate) (Ian Campbell, first RFC sent)
              * add libxl_defbool and generally try and arrange that
                memset(foo,0,...) requests the defaults (Ian Campbell,
                first RFC sent)
              * The topologyinfo datastructure should be a list of
                tuples, not a tuple of lists. (nobody currently looking
                at this, not 100% sure this makes sense, could possibly
                defer and change after 4.2 in a compatible way)
              * Block script support -- can be done post 4.2? should be
                nice to have not blocker? Somewhere on IanJ's todo?
      * xl to use json for machine readable output instead of sexp by
        default (Ian Campbell to revisit existing patch)
      * xl feature parity with xend wrt driver domain support (George
      * Integrate qemu+seabios upstream into the build (Stefano to
        repost). No change in default qemu for 4.2.
      * More formally deprecate xm/xend. Manpage patches already in
        tree. Needs release noting and communication around -rc1 to
        remind people to test xl.

hypervisor, nice to have:

      * solid implementation of sharing/paging/mem-events (using work
        queues) (Tim Deegan, Olaf Herring et al)
      * A long standing issue is a fully synchronized p2m (locking
        lookups) (Andres Lagar-Cavilla)

tools, nice to have:

      * Hotplug script stuff -- internal to libxl (I think, therefore I
        didn't put this under stable API above) but still good to have
        for 4.2? Roger Pau Monet was looking at this but its looking
        like a big can-o-worms. (discussion on-going)
      * Upstream qemu feature patches:
              * Upstream qemu PCI passthrough support (Anthony Perard)
              * Upstream qemu save restore (Anthony Perard)
      * Nested-virtualisation (currently should be marked experimental,
        likely to release that way? Consider nested-svm separate to
        nested-vmx. Nested-svm is in better shape)

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